Features and Benefits
Powerful Up to 4500 kg of pulling power with pulleys
Lightweight Weighs only 16 kg (35 lb)
Fast Up to 4 times faster than electric winches – up to 18 m/min (60 ft/min)
Anchors to anything Trees, tree stumps, vehicles, posts with a quick attach
True power The rope does not accumulate on the Portable WinchTM drum, it only goes through it, delivering 1000 kg (2200 lb) of pulling power anytime, all the time.
Continuous usage 100% duty cycle vs. 20% duty cycle of electric winches
Unlimited rope length
Easy to use You can control precisely the winching speed by varying the pressure you apply to the free end of the rope.
Safe No kinks, pig tails, barbs on rope or whiplash
Reliable It will start!
No worries about overheating!

Portable Winch™ in Forestry Use

The Portable Winch™ will be a valuable help to you when cutting down and moving trees in the forest or your yard. In addition to moving very big trunks easily, you can safely take down trees that have fallen against other trees, or use the winch when you want the tree to fall in a certain direction. With the help of the skidding cone you are able to move smaller trunks as a bunch easily.

More info and orders: Patrik Wegelius +358 40 501 9137

Portable Winch in forestry use

Price: 1299 € + vat 23%

The Portable Winch™ in forestry use:

Watch other videos of the Portable Winch™ in use at the product main page.

"Last weekend I started working for the first time with my PCW5000. Wow, I was very happy about the result. It makes much fun to work with it. I am very happy about this purchase! This investment was one of the best I did! Now I am a lucky logger! This winch is top! Thank you very much for this development!"

Jürgen Falkenhain, GERMANY

Portable Winch™ - Forestry Assortment

In order to facilitate the use of the Portable Winch™ in the woods, we have put together this forestry assortment from our specialized forestry accessories and some standard items. These items will work together to help you face the many situations you will encounter in the bush.

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pca-1259 PCA-1259: 1 x Polyester sling: 2'' x 8' (50 mm x 2.44 m) PCA-1295 PCA-1295: 1 x Choker-chain 1/4'' x 7' (6 mm x 2.1 m) PCA-1276 PCA-1276: 2 x Steel oval locking carabiner
PCA-1290 PCA-1290: 1 x Skidding cone for logs up to 20'' (50 cm) diameter PCA-1282 PCA-1282: Grab hook 5/16'' (7 mm) with latch PCA-1213M PCA-1215M: 1 x Double-braided polyester rope – 1/2'' x 164' (13 mm x 50 m)
PCA-1274 PCA-1274: 1 x Swing side snatch block (4'' (100 mm) diameter) PCA-1252 PCA-1252: 1 x Rope bag (Small - Holds up to 164' (50 m) of 1/2'' (13 mm) rope (with shoulder straps))    

More info and orders: Patrik Wegelius +358 40 501 9137

Customer feedback about the PCA-1290 skidding cone:

I have worked with the cone yesterday for the first time and I have to say that it surpass all my wishes. I have tried it in many situations with my hydraulic winch: pulling big trees going through rugged areas where the trees would have normally get stuck. The cone goes through without getting stuck but overall, without damaging the trees that are still up! Overall, I consider that the damages that were prevented in this one day only are worth the price of the cone. I would have loved to have the cone last winter, while working with horses!

Rémi Laramée, Quebec, Canada